Carbon monoxide.

Learn the Facts About Carbon Monoxide

November 9, 2022

To promote safety and well-being for our community in Indian Trail, here’s what you should know about this harmful airborne pollutant.

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Video – Why Is My HVAC Unit Making Unusual Noises?

October 30, 2022

If you hear any unusual noise coming from your HVAC unit, please turn it off and call us at 704-283-9047. Don’t attempt any kind of repair without consulting an HVAC certified technician first.

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Zone Your Way to Comfort. Image shows person programming thermostat.

Zone Your Way to Comfort

October 5, 2022

Do some rooms feel a tad too warm or a bit too breezy? It might be your Monroe home telling you something: you need a zone-control-system.

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Indoor Electrical Safety

Video – Indoor Electrical Safety

September 30, 2022

For installation or repairs, always have an electrician do the electrical work. Contact our team before any kind of electrical maintenance.

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

September 13, 2022

Stand outdoors on one of those days when the weather feels perfect, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the fresh air. Later, take another deep breath—only inside your North Carolina home. How does it compare? Improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) at your Monroe home or business makes sense on so many levels. Consider…

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Video - energy saving tip 6

Video – Energy Saving Tip 6

August 30, 2022

Cool your home by opening the windows at night and save on your energy bill. The outdoor breeze will keep your home feeling cool.

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Couple trying to figure out how they can afford a new AC system and other HVAC equipment for their home.

How Can I Afford a New AC System (and Other HVAC Equipment)?

August 17, 2022

Need a new AC system, but worried about the cost? Our team wants to help you afford a new system by offering you financing options.

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Video - Energy Saving Tip 3. Woman standing looking out her window by a plant.

Video – Energy Saving Tip 3

July 26, 2022

Close your blinds on sun-facing windows during the day to keep the sun from heating up your home and causing your AC to use more energy.

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Woman covering ears from loud Air Conditioner in her home

Why is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

July 15, 2022

It’s normal for your air conditioner to create some noise when running—that simply means it’s working. Although older units are typically louder than newer ones, all air conditioning noises are not the same. Despite your air conditioner’s age, any sound coming from the unit can still be bothersome. If your air conditioner is producing an…

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Energy Saving Tip 5

Video – Energy Saving Tip 5

June 30, 2022

Keep your windows closed day and night. This will keep your home cool and prevent your AC from using more energy. Union Services 704-283-9047

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