Create a Smart Home Using Nexia

Family Enjoying Comfortable Temperature Inside Home

With a median age of 33 years, many homeowners in Monroe, NC, are avid tech users who have adopted everything from the latest cell phone to the newest smart TV. If you follow tech products, then you likely already know about the Nexia smart home system. What you may not know is that you can pair Nexia with your HVAC system for the ultimate comfort.

The Nexia Smart Home System

If the Nexia smart home system is new to you, then you should know that Nexia is the easy way to orchestrate the web-enabled devices in your home. The heart of the Nexia system is the Bridge, a hub that connects your certified web-connected home devices through your internet service. Bridge-connected devices can include anything from your home lights and security cameras to your garage door and lawn sprinklers. Through the use of a phone app, Nexia gives you the power to monitor and control your connected devices wherever you are.

Trane Leads HVAC Technology

Trane offers a full spectrum of solutions including the ComfortLink™ II XL1050 Zoning Control. More than an advanced thermostat, Trane ComfortLink zoning control monitors and optimizes your HVAC system in the background 24/7. Trane zoning control automatically adjusts your HVAC compressor and fan speeds to achieve maximum energy efficiency while maintaining temperature and humidity throughout your home. Offering built-in Nexia Bridge, Trane zoning control is ready to join other web-connected devices in your Nexia smart home.

The Power of Trane on Nexia

Connected to the Nexia Bridge, the Trane zoning control is accessible through the Nexia phone app. You are able to remotely check your home comfort and quickly make adjustments. With your permission, Nexia can even contact your local Trane dealer when your HVAC system experiences a problem.

Web-connected devices make your home smart, and Trane makes your home comfortable. Call Union Services today at 704-233-7029 to learn how to get your HVAC system with Trane zoning control onto the smart Nexia system.