5 Summer Ways To Get An Energy Efficient Home

Female Looking Through Window During Summertime

Charlotte homeowners, make your home energy efficient during these summer months! Below are five cost-effective steps you can take to reduce wasteful energy expenditures in your home. These simple upgrades and preventive maintenance will help reduce your energy costs significantly!

Sealing Air Leaks

Air leaking through cracks can pose multiple threats. Uncontrolled ventilation not only wastes energy, it can cause excess moisture. This can compromise indoor air quality and lead to health-related problems and structural issues if not corrected. Detecting air leaks early and sealing them properly will prevent these issues and provide a comfortable environment inside your home.

Energy-Friendly Landscaping

One way to help conserve energy is by planting trees and shrubs along the home’s exterior that shed their leaves seasonally. In summer, the foliage works to block infrared radiation that would otherwise heat up your home. In winter, the bare branches allow the radiation to pass through to help heat up your home.

Insulation is Cost-Effective

If you own an older home, the insulation may be inadequate and the windows may not be Energy Star rated. Insulating your attic or any existing wall cavities will slow the rate at which heat escapes your home during the winter and enters your home during the summer. This practical measure will result in less energy required to heat or cool your home. It will also help your home maintain a consistent desired temperature, which will improve indoor air quality and make your home a healthier place to be!

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Annual HVAC maintenance is the best way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It consists of changing filters, cleaning coils, checking drain lines, and other components. Regular HVAC maintenance will extend the life of your system and reduce the need for future repairs.

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